Celestial Seasonings Integrated Campaign

The objective of this group assignment was to convince the target audience to buy Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea over other tea brands. Included in the campaign are a blog, direct mail, OOH and inside transit copy.


National Wildlife Federation Radio Ad

The objective of this group assignment was to encourage and educate the target to get involved with the National Wildlife Federation's volunteer programs and mission.

Le Parfum

Le Parfum TV & Print Ad

The objective of this group assignment was to introduce the new air care product, Le parfum, to audiences in the United States. Le parfum is a fictional product that originated from France. It is a high end, luxurious fragrance diffuser. 


​​This is a blog my group members and I made for one of our advertising courses. We decided to explore how color psychology has an impact on consumer purchasing behaviors. Every week we researched a new color and each wrote a post about a brand within that color category.

My role for this project was the Art Director. I worked to make sure our posts and layout looked visually appealing. 

Program used: WordPress