Band-Aid Campaign

This was a senior-year capstone project completed as a group.


We started by conducting extensive primary and secondary research about our brand, Band-Aid by Johnson & Johnson. Since previous campaigns and overall mindsets showed Band-Aids as primarily a family or kid brand, we aimed to change that with our campaign.


Our creative strategy aimed at showing how Band-Aid brings diverse audiences together. We decided to target the upper half of the millennial generation, ages 25-37. Our tagline, "Stronger Together," has a dual meaning that emphasizes how you are stronger with those around you as well as with the Band-Aid brand.

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator



The image choice for each advertisement reflects our campaign. We chose to highlight a diverse group of characters. We chose to remove faces so that our audience could picture themselves in the ad.


Our aim was to emphasize that from wheel chair basketball, to drag shows or rocking center stage - you are stronger with Band-Aid and those around you. 

print ad mock up 1.png
print ad mock up 2.png
print ad mock up 3.png


coffee meets bagel ad.png

Our objective for the campaign was to use two different social media platforms, one popular and one up and coming.


For our up and coming platform we chose Coffee Meets Bagel, a slow-dating app that was a perfect fit for our target. Coffee Meets Bagel provides users with five matches, or "bagels," per day. We decided to show two female hands in the ad to indicate that they were a couple and be inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our popular social media platform was Instagram, a good choice for our target who regularly uses the app. The Instagram ad uses hands passing an animated heart. The heart’s animation is reflective of the notification symbol on Instagram when you receive a “like” on your post. Our video represents passing the love, support and acknowledgement onto someone else.

BandAid instagram mockup-01 (1).png


We decided to go with a billboard for our OOH ad because it would catch the attention of a diverse and wide range of people. The contrast in characters shows diversity yet also emphasizes unity. We want to place the billboard near a metropolitan area because it will be seen by a high number of people driving by.

ooh ad.png


The goal of our viral video is to depict real people and not actors and how they are stronger together. The idea is to get real stories from people and make them realize how they are stronger with other people. The hope of this viral video is that it would evoke feel good emotion in our audience to then share the video on their personal platforms.


Our Guerrilla marketing will be placed in a metropolitan area where many people can pass by and engage with it. People passing by will see the mirror on display with “Stronger Together” and a mock-up Band-Aid on the mirror. If they are with friends, co-workers or family they can snap a picture with those who make them stronger.

gurilla ad.png


We decided on the song “Stronger” by Kanye West to reflect the lighthearted, active, and upbeat tone of our campaign. We also thought that by choosing a popular song, it would resonate more with our upper millennial target.

The idea behind our TV commercial is to show different pairs of people in action together while using Band- Aids. We want to show how people are stronger together and with Band-Aid. There are a variety of individuals with different occupations, relationships, and races to appeal to our target and support the creative strategy statement.


bpp ad.jpg

The final component of our campaign was branded product placement. The objective was to place the brand in the movie The Lunch Date. It is a black and white movie about a woman waiting for her train and having an unexpected lunch date along the way.


Band-Aid is placed two times in The Lunch Date. The first time the product is placed is when it’s on the ground when the woman drops different contents out of her bag. A box of Band-Aids clearly appear on the ground alongside the other items. The goal of this product placement was to integrate the product into the scene without it obviously being a branded product placement.

The second time that Band-Aid is placed in Lunch Date is when the woman places her change and crumpled dollar on the counter for the cook. A Band-Aid is also placed alongside her loose change and crumpled dollar. It is natural that a loose Band-Aid would also be floating around in her purse and she accidentally grabbed it while retrieving her money.

bpp ad 2.jpg