Amtrak VA

As an Account Coordinator for Amtrak VA, I work on the brand's social media channels. Amtrak VA currently has an Instagram and Facebook.

The creative is sourced from free and licensed stock photography, user-generated content, and images provided by the national brand's photoshoots. We have also recently explored influencer marketing. I help source and communicate with social media influencers who want to partner with Amtrak VA.


Each month, I assess the previous month's insights to better create a strategy for the current content. In addition to increasing our Instagram followers by 33.86%, I am most proud of the online community I have built through the brand. The brand receives regular tags, DMs, and mentions from loyal customers and fans who want to be reposted on our page. I am responsible for communicating and answering these messages within the brand's guidelines.

I have worked on this account since March 2021. 

Amtrak VA Social Media.png